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Payment Options

This Agreement was last modified on 26 February 2019


Payment can also be done by instant EFT. At the point of checkout, you will be given an option of credit card or instant EFT – if you select instant EFT,  follow the below steps:

  1. Select i-Pay as your payment option during checkout
  2. Select your bank from the list presented
  3. Login to the i-Pay portal using your internet banking credentials
  4. Select an account to pay from (If you only have one account, it will be automatically selected for you and this step will be skipped)
  5. The automated process will navigate and populate the relevant fields on your behalf in the background
  6. Your bank will send you a form of payment authentication either by means of SMS, USSD Push message or In-App
  7. Once you have successfully authourised your payment, the transaction is marked as complete
  8. I-Pay sends notification to the seller on the outcome of the transaction and inturn, the seller will process your order immediately. There is no need to send through a proof of payment and no need to wait for the funds to reflect in the seller’s bank account.


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