BluFi AC Family of Readers


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BluFi™ are Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) to Wifi gateways that relay signals between BEEKs Beacons and the cloud of HID Global’s end-to-end IoT Services ecosystem. In combination with the corresponding Bluzone™ cloud services, BluFi enable BEEKs™ beacons to be centrally managed through the cloud, to transfer new messages, firmware updates, sensor data and battery status checks remotely. Their unique design allows BluFi devices and BEEKs beacons to broadcast reliably even in densely populated WiFi environments.

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Available on back-order


Available on back-order

BEEKs and BluFi are not limited to standard beacon applications. HID Condition Monitoring Services, include a range of sensor beacons for motion, temperature and vibration. This sensor data is sent via BluFi gateways to the Bluzone Cloud to perform operational analysis for motorized equipment.

HID Global Location Services, is an efficient real-time asset location and item management platform leveraging BEEKs beacons to effectively pin down the locations of assets inside a warehouse, campus or manufacturing hall.

The calculation of the BEEKs location is based on received signal strength and other factors measured by BluFi devices.

BluFi AC devices are available in four major international power plug versions and can be installed in any standard power outlet on a wall or ceiling. BluFi DC are powered with a rechargeable battery and ideal for temporary or mobile setups. BluFi DC Plenum is a flame resistant, low-voltage DC powered version without battery. Both BluFi DC types are designed to be installed with an optional mounting kit on walls, ceilings or in the plenum. DC power connection can be done via USB or direct wires.

BluFi devices make it easy and cost efficient to cover an area with BLE to internet connectivity to take advantage of centralized management, real-time condition monitoring or location services with a fraction of the effort required by alternative technologies.

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Operating Frequency

Bluetooth Low Energy 4.1, 2.4 GHz ISM

Chip Type

1Mbit/s / 2Mbit/s


55KB Flash



Affixes To

Indoor Position tracking

Mounting Method

Self Adhesive Label


Black, Grey, White

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